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Working and living abroad doesn’t only imply changing your work location - there is a range of cultural differences involved to which you will sooner or later have to adapt. Some of these cultural differences are so subtle that it’s hard to really notice and become fully aware of them.
Still, they do have an impact on your working life and wellbeing.

In Coaching Across Cultures you are assisted to cope with being effective in a new cultural environment. Differences and ways and options to adapt and achieve results are explored and experienced through coaching sessions and by implementing learning.

• Facilitate and support internationals in their search to pursue their career in the greater The Hague area;
• Facilitate and support managers in their international environment leveraging cross cultural differences.

Our services

Facilitate and support internationals in their search to pursue their career in the greater The Hague area; Facilitate and support managers in their international environment leveraging cross cultural differences. •This initial session gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and ensure there is a mutual fit. We can meet in person or over the phone/Skype.

•This is a time to discuss your goals, ask questions about the process and myself, and design our alignment of how we would work together.

•If necessary, additional free discussions can be arranged. While these aren’t coaching sessions, I respect that it may take more time together to decide about entering into a coaching relationship.

•When we mutually agree on starting our coach relationship, I will send you an intake questionnaire to fill out. During our coach sessions we will work along this questionnaire.

•This support can vary from practicalities like CV check, writing introductory letter, interview prep; and also can enhance re-inventing yourself professionally – please see under our approach- ,discovering your transferable skills, unleash your unique potential to achieve meaningful objectives.

•During each coach session we will set shorter as well as longer-term goals for which I will hold you accountable, so you will be able to fully develop in your desired direction
For Expat Partners@Work:

Finding your feet as a trailing spouse

I’m committed to facilitate and support you being an expat partner, trailing spouse and juggling parent in finding your feet in creating a meaningful and fulfilling life at your new destination.
As an experienced global career coach I know that you know best what is best for you. My main work as your coach is to facilitate and support the process you’re going through in defining and achieving what you want for yourself – who you really want to become more of. I’m dedicated to helping clients connect with their sense of strength.
To make choices with responsibility and unleash their potential to achieve their objectives and pursue life with purpose and joy.

It is the Global Coaching Relationship that gives power to the coaching process.

In my work, I strive to see you with new eyes and listen to you with new ears. I am curious to explore what works for you – what gives you energy and what takes energy away. For my clients and me it is often a journey, which has been valuable in discovering possibilities for fulfilled and meaningful lives.

•In a series of 5-7 Skype or face to face meetings of 60 minutes I would love to support you in finding your new you. This process can result in finding a new job, finding work as a volunteer, starting your own business, going to college, finding serenity in the disorder or trust in the unknown. It doesn’t matter as long as you find your feet.

Our story

Our approach

In working with her clients Henriëtte’s personal her psychological background supports experience, her certification in Co Active Coaching and specialization in coaching across cultures* with the Rosinski Company as well as Presence Based Coaching . All of which are accredited by the International Coach Federation .

The personal coach approach she has developed draws from Co Active Coaching which comes down to the following: Coaching is not about teaching the caterpillar how to fly; it is about creating an opening for it to see the possibilities. Personal Coaching is the learning process, which may use methods of inquiry, reflection, visioning and homework to identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals, develop strategies and actions to achieve these goals.

A coach provides a place for clients to strengthen their accountability to themselves and their values by supporting the clients' progress. Henriëtte supports her clients in connecting with their sense of power; responsibility and choice; live with purpose and joy; and unleash their unique potential to achieve meaningful objectives. In this exploratory process for new possibilities in your life, you may as well be inadvertently sabotaging your success or happiness. In working in an international context this process both deepens as well as leverages these personal experiences.

Henriëtte is fluent in Dutch, English and Portuguese (Brazilian).

* What's a Certified Coach?
A coach who has been credentialed by ICF has completed stringent education and experience requirements and has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in coaching.
Certification from the ICF is extremely important when considering which coach to hire. It means the coach:

•Has received professional training from a program specifically designed to teach coaching skills in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics|

•Has demonstrated a proficient understanding and use of the coaching competencies as outlined by the ICF

•Is accountable to the ethics and standards set forth by the ICF

•CTI, The Coaches Training Institute, is the world’s largest and oldest coach training school in the world. With proven success they have trained over 35,000 coaches globally. Their certification program is recognized as the most rigorous in the industry and is accredited by the ICF. It has also been awarded the European Quality Award (EQA) by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

* What is the assessment tool for Coaching Across Cultures
The COF is an integrative framework designed to assess and compare cultures. It includes a range of cultural dimensions/orientations grouped in seven categories of practical importance to leaders, professional coaches and anyone striving to unleash human potential in organizations: sense of power and responsibility, time management approaches, definitions of identity and purpose, organizational arrangements, notions of territory and boundaries, communication patterns, and modes of thinking.

Cultural orientations are not black-and-white. In other words, no one is totally direct or indirect, but individuals and cultures lie somewhere on a continuum bounded by the extreme on both ends. For example, you may be inclined to be direct 75 percent of the time and indirect in the remaining 25 percent. In other words, your cultural orientation, on the “direct-indirect communication” cultural dimension, is primarily “direct communication.

Our team

After graduating in Psychology in the Netherlands (Europe) Henriëtte Wentholt lived and worked so far on 4 continents over the last past years.

Her professional career took of as a communications facilitator and trainer with two non-governmental organizations located in São Paulo, Brazil. She developed and facilitated trainings in group-dynamics as well as weekly held team-building sessions with the unit managers; also participated in a training program for urban development workers.

In Guang Dong Province, in the southern part of China, Henriëtte has been working in a Chinese state owned orphanage, where she was responsible for the coordination of an activity center for most needy orphans.

After returning to the Netherlands, she in 2002 started her own coaching and training Company, delivering assignments for a range of clients including individuals, larger as well as smaller organizations, and profit such as Heineken, Unilever, Tyco, banks, various Ministries and not-for-profit.

Just before moving to New York, in 2008, Henriëtte received her international certification in coaching (Coach Training Institute) which is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Which she was very useful to her being as a Committee member of 'Lives in Transition’ A Program designed for People experiencing career transition, in response to the economic downturn. Providing support, networking and information on strategies for finding new employment and exploring alternative career paths. Led by professionals in the community to help others in the greater New York area. She designed and facilitated evening workshops as well as daytime coach groups. Moreover she has been working with a number of participants during career coaching.

Attended a Master class specialized in coaching across cultures with the Rosinski Company, NYC.

Currently living in The Hague, the Netherlands where she has collaborated with Augere Spain in facilitating webinars, tele classes, mentoring and coaching for Brazilian participants; she works as an independent contractor for international companies fully dedicated to her clients worldwide in three main areas:

*For high placed managers working internationally: Internationals@Work

*For Expat Partners re-inventing themselves abroad: Expat Partners@Work

*For youth and teens moving abroad with their parents: @Work with Youth &Teens

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Henriëtte Wentholt, owner of Wentholt Coaching & Training says that she offers various coaching programmes and training to help internationals and expat partners become culturally aware to reach their potential in their new environment

Does Wentholt Coaching & Training have a motto? What are the major aims of the company?
My motto is 'My commitment to creating cultural awareness around the world’. By creating this awareness, people will become more understanding and respectful of differences. If they are willing to learn they will evolve and contribute to a world where there is unity through diversity. In a world where diversity is respected, people will work and live in a more connected way.

From my work experiences abroad in Brazil, China and the US, it became clear to me that cultural awareness is the foundation of communication, which involves the ability to stand back and become aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions and how they differ from culture to culture and how to value those differences.

A fish only discovers its need for water when it is no longer in it. Our own culture is how water is for the fish. It sustains us. We live and breathe through it. When internationals start working in unfamiliar cultures, they are like a fish in a new container and even though there is water it is different from the one back home. I support and encourage them to cope with their new environment, so they quickly adapt to their new situation where they can move on.

Wentholt Coaching & Training provides various types of coaching such as personal and expatriate coaching? Could you elaborate?
My focus is on two groups of internationals. The first group is the multilingual international professionals and the second is expat partners.

Multilingual international professionals are individuals wanting to pursue their careers in the Netherlands with an international company or individuals who have been living here and are ready for the next step in their careers.

In all my initial coach meetings we mutually design how we will be working together; the client expresses what works well for them and what to do when they feel stuck or stopped during their process. During the coaching sessions, they will be supported and encouraged in hands-on practicalities such as:
• Highlighting their transferable skills
• (Re)writing their cv and cover letters
• Preparing for interviews
• Receiving feedback and asking questions
• As well as interview techniques (open- and closed questions)

The second type of coaching is for expat partners - the essence of these sessions is usually to help partners find their feet within their new surroundings. You might be able to image how challenging the experience can be when someone is confronted with questions such as:
• How do I re-invent myself here? How do I find meaning and fulfilment in my new country? What are the best next steps to take in maintaining my profession? How do I maintain my credentials while living in a country where I don't speak the language and when I am unsure for how many years I will be living here?
• How would I like to develop myself in this new country?
• What will be the best decision for me and how do I weigh this? Should I go job searching or return to college and get another degree? Will it be more of use to attend a course in my area of expertise?
• How about attending an on-line course in my home country to keep my credentials timely? How about working as a volunteer in order to keep up with my skills and practices?

As a personal coach, I provide for both groups of internationals a place to strengthen their accountability to themselves by supporting their progress. During these coaching sessions, I encourage them to connect with their sense of power, and responsibility of choice, to live consciously and unleash their unique potential, which enables them to achieve meaningful objectives in their lives and contributes to new possibilities for their individual development .

Coaching across cultures is another interesting service that Wentholt Coaching & Training offers. Could you elaborate on what makes this programme unique and how this helps your clients?
With the Coaching across Cultures programme, internationals will not just gain knowledge about the unfamiliar culture, they will also be supported to smoothly adapt to new business environments. They bring in specific situations from life and work and through role-playing, they will interactively learn how to cope adequately in their unfamiliar settings. They will be given tools that enable them to cope with whatever issues they struggle with.

The tailored programme is designed to achieve the desired outcome of either the individual or the group. The time frame is rather flexible and depends on the number of participants. As a result of the Coaching across Cultures program, my clients will:
• Know what are they capable of already and become practiced in areas they can become even more skilled.
• Become aware of how better to navigate effectively and efficiently in an international context.
• Become capable to cope other personal norms, values, attitudes and convictions.
• Learn and practice how to shift from a “My way and their way” perspective to the “Our way” perspective. This perspective creates leverage from both cultures, the best of both worlds.

Some of the tools I use are the COF (Rosinski) – online questionnaires for individuals/teams, Cultural Wizard, Culture GPS and Cultural Detective, all of them highly validated tools and research sources. All of these provide insight on the degree of intercultural awareness my clients have and their capacity to become more skilled at this.

This type of coaching serves those who start working internationally, for example in global multicultural teams and who are overwhelmed by the fact that their way of communicating requires changes. Misinterpretations occur primarily when we lack awareness of our own behavioural rules and project them on others. In absence of better knowledge we tend to assume, instead of finding out what a behaviour means to the person involved, for example, a straight look into your face is regarded as disrespectful in Japan. During cross cultural coaching these kind of issues are addressed.

What kind of client base does Wentholt Coaching & Training have? Are they corporate clients or professionals or managers that need coaching in specific areas?
They are both professionals and managers that benefit from cross cultural coaching and support in landing a job in the Netherlands. They are expat partners finding their feet in this new country and they are children who move to a new destination with their parents.

Wentholt Coaching & Training provides coaching not only face-to-face but also through telephone. How comfortable are your clients with telephone coaching and how do you put them at ease with this form of coaching?
Actually this is a great start of a coaching conversation. Being mindful to their hesitation, I invite my clients to share what causes this feeling of not being at ease so we can explore what is there. In my experience, at some point in the coaching clients ‘forget’ we are talking by phone.

Also, neither of us needs to travel; clients can be coached from a familiar place at their office or even from their living room. Working globally requires adjustments to different time zones at a mutually convenient time. With traveling clients another advantage is that the process is not interrupted as long as we both can make a call.

It's pretty cool to be able to do this cross cultural work from every place on this planet as long as there is a Wi-Fi-connection; this way I am able to work with all my clients from the U.S. to Africa, which to me means walking my talk.

On a regular basis, I attend various webinars in my area of expertise and all of them cover several time zones. This means for attendees it can be either morning, afternoon or evening. Everyone in this field works like this and all this webinars only allow speech so no one is visible, nevertheless deep and very profound experiences are being shared.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
There is the cross cultural trainings for children starting from 6 years old to teens of 18 years old. During my time abroad, I realised how children in transition adapt differently from adults. In order for children and teens to ‘re-root’ in a balanced way in their new environment, it is important to have an understanding of where they come from before they can adapt to the place they have moved to.

In the Netherlands this type of programme is rather unique. I make it lively, interactive and fun by using diverse materials, games and sources of information such as from YouTube. The feedback I get so far from children as well as their parents is that the trainings did not feel like school while they learned a lot.

These trainings are tailor-made because each situation is different and the ages vary. In my programmes, I address a number of fixed issues such as:
• Where do you come from?
• What does your family look like?
• How was the farewell or how will it be? What was the most difficult to leave behind?
• Is the place you come from the same as the place you move to and what will be different?
• What school will the children go to?
• What sports, hobbies, arts and crafts do they love?
• What are they really curious about in their new country?
• What are they really nervous about in their new country?
• What freedom and restrictions – smoking, driving, drinking alcohol, are there for teens when living abroad and how does this impact them

Visit www.wentholt.com for more details of Wentholt Coaching & Training programmes. You can also visit her blog at www.internationalsatwork.com

Locations and directions

Name: Henriëtte Wentholt
Contact details: +31 (6) 51031155
Address: The Hague
Country: the Netherlands
Region: South of Holland
Phone: +31 (6) 51031155
Mail: Henriette@Wentholt.com
Website: www.Wentholt.com
Blog: www.internationalsatwork.com
Name: Henriette Wentholt
Address: The Hague
Country: The Netherlands
Region: South of Holland

Phone: +31 (6) 51031155
Mail: Henriette@Wentholt.com


“Henriette worked with me over a four month period to help me find out what is important for me and to find out what I can do as a second career now that I am living abroad for my husband’s job.”

“Increasing intercultural understanding by leveraging personal, professional and research-based knowledge.
“Henriette brings a wealth of perspectives to her intercultural work, drawing from her extensive experiences living in other cultures and her considerable wisdom.”

“When I met Henriette two years ago, I thought, my dreams were only dreams. Through her personal coaching, caring and support I have completely changed my perspective, I am looking into the future with confidence and purpose, I am becoming more aware and letting go of my limitations. I am realizing my dreams, doing the work that I love and a caring and loving mother and life partner.”

….and in the words of some of my CTI - Supervisors:
‘Henriëtte’s coaching demonstrates: Her commitment to serve her client’s agenda. She has the ability to listen to what the client is not saying as well as hearing what’s really going on for them beneath the words. Intuitive, caring and compassionate, she connects well with her client championing and supporting their success.’

‘Henriëtte has the talent to create a confident coaching setting and connection, supporting the learning and development of her clients. Henriëtte holds the space and honors silence in a natural way, often leading to emotional shifts and deep learning. She works easily and effectively listening at all levels, has very good self-management. Henriëtte is unafraid and has the talent to be with her clients whatever their emotional state is. She is empathetic, and sees the potential growth in every person and works for this enthusiastically.’

‘I found Henriette a very professional coach who is capable to personalize each client and to view every situation from different perspectives. She has an abundance of tools to help her clients.’

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